AHA!’s Littlest Little Farm is an educational initiative where AHA! teens work together to create and maintain a sustainable organic farm. Youth in the program meet for four hours per week under the supervision of sustainable agriculture educator Luke Loggins and AHA! social-emotional learning facilitators. 
At the Farm, teens learn about soil nutrition, composting, row-planting, amending soil, irrigation installation, vermiculture (worm composting), and maintaining the land via non-invasive pest management and non-chemical weed management, all in a context of building social and emotional skills. Once our teen farmers have had a chance to sample their crops, all food grown will be donated to folks in need in our community.
This Farm project is a public-private partnership made possible by the generosity of Laurel and Matt O’Connor, who have hosted the Farm on their land, provided vital administrative guidance, and worked alongside AHA! youth; and of the Manitou Foundation and other generous donors. 

Groups are forming now. Applying is as simple as clicking this link: https://ahasb.org/online-application/ An AHA! Staff member will reach out once the application is submitted.

For more information, contact Julian Castillo juliansean.ahasb@gmail.com.