Time on AHA!’s Littlest Little Farm is about working hard as part of a team, building friendships, getting dirty, communing with plants, insects, and animals, and learning marketable skills. 

Participants learn how to grow to nourish delicious food in ways that harmonize with the natural world and support human health and well-being: regenerative agriculture techniques such as no-dig gardening, composting, cover cropping, mulching, and companion planting. They learn how these techniques sequester carbon, allow for nutrient cycling through soil biology, and provide for plant health with no need for pesticides. 

This hands-on learning experience takes place in an environment of play, support, and love, where everyone can be themselves while feeling like part of something that helps heal the world. 

This Farm project is a public-private partnership made possible by the generosity of Laurel and Matt O’Connor, who have hosted the Farm on their land, provided vital administrative guidance, and worked alongside AHA! youth; and of the Manitou Fund, the George Ben Page Foundation, Johnson Ohana Foundation, Union Bank, and other generous donors. 

Teens meet each Saturday for four consecutive weeks. The next session dates will be announced in the near future.