AHA!’s Littlest Little Farm is an educational initiative where AHA! teens work together to create and maintain a sustainable organic farm. Youth in the program meet for four hours per week under the supervision of AHA! social-emotional learning facilitators. 
At the Farm, teens learn about soil nutrition, composting, row-planting, amending soil, irrigation installation, vermiculture (worm composting), and maintaining the land via non-invasive pest management and non-chemical weed management, all in a context of building social and emotional skills. Once our teen farmers have had a chance to sample their crops, all food grown will be donated to folks in need in our community.
This Farm project is a public-private partnership made possible by the generosity of Laurel and Matt O’Connor, who have hosted the Farm on their land, provided vital administrative guidance, and worked alongside AHA! youth; and of the Manitou Foundation and other generous donors. 

Registration for this session’s groups are now closed. The next session begins on December 5, 2020. Please contact Julian Castillo to reserve a spot or for more information juliansean.ahasb@gmail.com.