Girls’ Relationship Wisdom Group helps young women claim the beauty of their bodies and assists them in making empowered choices in their relationship lives. This supportive and educational group trains young women to be allies to one another by preventing rumors and gossip. It assists them in naming what they feel and want, as well as how to act on thoughtful consideration rather than impulse. Knowledge is power, and Girls’ Group provides weeks of experience and information to guide young women toward knowing themselves and others. It supports them in being authentic, assertive, and healthy in relationship. Participants learn how to anticipate the rewards and consequences of their intimate choices and develop a sisterhood with other young women their age that is built on trust, vulnerability, respect, and love.

Enrollment for AHA! After-School programs will begin in September, with groups starting the first week of October. You are welcome to begin the process at any time by filling out the application form. For more information, please contact our Enrollment Coordinator at