AHA! Enrollment Steps:

  • Online sign up for your enrollment meeting is available. Please sign up and fill out online paperwork before attending a meeting.
  • All prospective AHA! teens must attend a mandatory enrollment/informational meeting in order to enroll in AHA’s! after school program.
    • These meetings go over what AHA! is, what groups we are offering, next steps in enrolling, and a chance for everyone to determine if AHA! is a good fit for your teen.
  • Enrollment meetings happen a few weeks prior to the beginning of each semester.
  • Emails regarding these meetings go out approximately in January for Spring Semester, May for Summer Semester, and September for Fall Semester.
    • In these emails you will get all the information regarding when and where theses meetings will take place.
  • Please email the Enrollment Director, Claire Blakey claire@ahasb.org to have your email added to our list and to receive information come enrollment time.
  • We only enroll three times a year, Fall, Spring, and Summer.

After School Schedule

Fall 17 Group Schedule Final
AHA!’s after-school groups employ an original, active, experiential curriculum to teach teens valuable life skills, enhance social and emotional intelligence, build character and leadership skills, inspire social conscience, reduce prejudice, and promote the formation of a healthy, supportive teen community. AHA! facilitators, present in no less than a one to eight ratio with youth, provide positive mentoring and mutualistic guidance in after-school groups offered five days per week, including Guys’ Relationship Wisdom Group, Girls’Relationship Wisdom Group, Ally Leadership Training Group, Creative Group, and Peace Builders Group.

Sing It Out Enrollment Information

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Summer Program

Summer Program 2017 Flyer

AHA!’s exceptional summer program for youth age 14-18 enrolls teens in a more intensive experience, utilizing AHA!’s original curriculum to build emotional intelligence, social skills, confidence, goal-setting and follow-through, and ability for authentic self-disclosure and compassionate communication. Teens also engage in sports, team-building activities, and creative self-expression through art, writing, theater games, and movement. In three-hour groups four days per week, AHA! Summer Program knits together a loving, supportive community of youth with trustworthy mentors.


In our in-school Freshman programs at Santa Barbara High School, San Marcos High School, Carpinteria High School, La Cuesta Continuation High School, and Santa Barbara Junior High School, we help reduce bullying, disciplinary referrals and violence on campus by guiding youth to empathy and acceptance of difference. AHA! in-school helps build a safe, supportive campus environment conducive to learning. Please see your student’s counselor to ensure enrollment.

Peace Builders

Visit the Peace Builders page