After School Fall 2017 Groups Schedule

Fall 17 Group Schedule Final
AHA!’s after-school program continues the themes of social responsibility, character development, diversity appreciation, creative self-expression, and enhanced emotional intelligence while helping teens discover healthy outlets for passionate expression. The program also includes focused discussion and lessons on: problem-solving, compassionate communication, conflict reduction, stress management, personal accountability, social conscience, and dynamic self-expression.

AHA!’s after-school offerings include Ally Leadership Program, the Creative Group, Girls’ and Guys’ Relationship Groups, and the Sing-It-Out Group (offered in Spring only).

Most of our after-school groups meet at Jefferson Hall (1525 Santa Barbara Street across from Alice Keck Park Gardens) for the Santa Barbara program, while our Carpinteria groups are held at Carpinteria High School (4810 Foothill Road in Carpinteria).

After-School Group participation is offered by donation

Ally Leadership Program

Teens participating in this program commit to attending the Ally Group and two additional afterschool groups. By fulfilling the requirements of the program, teens can receive community service hours or a monetary stipend (pending funding). Teens participating in the Ally Leadership program have an opportunity to earn a monetary stipend or community service hours for fulfilling a contract they sign at the start of the semester.

This contract requires consistent attendance, promptness to groups, participation in community service and outdoor activities, and respectful and engaged participation. Students learn how to become an Ally to others while also learning a variety of life skills in a dynamic group setting. Ally participants explore:

  • Healthy emotional management
  • Relationship skills
  • Celebration of diversity
  • Conflict management/violence prevention
  • Life purpose/talent, motivation, and inspiration
  • Relationship success skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Job skills and career development
  • Nutrition and healthy living

Creative Group

This group offers opportunities to explore diverse positive creative outlets as ways to build a stronger sense of self. Visual arts, dance, theater, and music activities support youth in using their voices and bodies in healthy ways.

Girls’ group

The girls group enrolls mature 14-19 year-old girls to develop relationship wisdom. The group embarks on an exploration of values, needs, choices, and the realities of relationship and sexual decision-making through an empowering and joyful curriculum. Research shows that girls who are more conscious of these issues demonstrate higher self-integrity and responsible decision-making.

Guys’ group

The Guys Group focuses on what it means to identify as a man in our society. This group becomes a brotherhood that allows the teens to safely explore what roles they play as men in our community and how that role intersects with family, relationships, school, and friendships.

It also guides young men through an exploration of relationship and sexual decision-making. In deep, skillfully facilitated conversation about the intersections of values, needs, choices, and the realities of relationship, Guys’ Group helps to promote positive male sexuality. It offers young men a place to open up, build strong and healthy community, and share about their questions and concerns.

Outdoor group

Being outdoors allows teens the opportunity to connect with nature and develop an appreciation for the natural world. Facilitated time in nature enhances personal awareness, personal power and a personal sense of responsibility. Activities include surfing, horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, beach walks, and ropes courses.

Parent Group

At least once per semester, AHA! offers an evening Parent Group run by AHA! facilitators. This opportunity offers parents support, education around parenting & teen issues, and allows adults to participate in some of the fun and engaging activities their teens experience in our program. At least one parent/guardian of each AHA! teen is encouraged to attend each Parent Night.

Carpinteria group

AHA! has conducted an after-school program in Carpinteria since 2004, working with teens to help set goals, interrupt bullying and cruel behavior, support their peers, and serve their community. The group now meets once a week on the Carpinteria High School campus. Along with fun and interactive games and opportunities to make new friends, this group also addresses some of the deeper struggles teens face. Involved teens can earn a monetary stipend (as long as continued funding is available) with full commitment to group attendance and participation.